Signs you need your garage door repair

It’s no secret that a garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. It provides protection and security for your vehicle, storage space for your belongings, and can even be used as an additional room when needed. But like anything else in life, they require maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. If you notice any of these signs that it might be time to get repairs done on your garage door, then contact our company today!

Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

Your automatic opener grinds or whines when opening the door

Many signs can indicate your garage door needs to be repaired. For example, if the opener grinds or whines when opening the door, this is a clear indication that something has gone wrong with it. The most common reason for this is because there’s dirt or grease built upon the tracks of your trolley which are preventing it from sliding smoothly along them. You should also check to see if you have any issues with your sensors not working properly which causes the door to stop before hitting an obstruction and even though these sensors seem like they’re in good condition, they may just need cleaning as well. If you notice either one of these two problems happening often then you should call a professional garage repair service sooner than later so that they can inspect the door and find out what’s wrong with it.

Automatically opening without any command

Another sign which can indicate you need your garage door serviced is if the door opens on its own when there hasn’t been a command sent to it by your remote or wall button. If this happens, then the problem most likely lies within one of your sensors which may be misinterpreting noise as a command to open. If you want to test this theory, then go outside and try talking into one of the sensors while pressing down on it. If you notice that this causes the garage door to stop for a second before resuming its automatic operation, then there’s probably something in between it and whatever it’s in line with; for example, a toy or a misplaced piece of paper. This can easily be fixed by having someone from a garage repair service clean the sensor with an appropriate cleaner to remove whatever has been causing it to malfunction in this way.

Cables are hanging down and seem slack

Another sign which may indicate you need garage door repairs is if your cables appear loose and start to hang downwards when the door is open. Additionally, they may even become frayed at their ends due to being stretched out repeatedly over time. In both cases, you should have them replaced as soon as possible because they’re not just hanging loosely but also putting excessive stress on your opener’s motor which causes it to work much harder than it needs to in order for the door to go up and down. If you have a roll-up garage door, then the cables are much easier to inspect so this may be a good time to try getting on top of your car and looking for any fraying or slackness.

Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

The garage door opens but goes back down immediately once it's opened

If you notice that your automatic garage door opens completely but then goes back down as soon as it reaches its final position, then this is likely because of an obstruction somewhere along the easy path of its travel (which would be either horizontally or vertically). Some common examples include toys, pieces of paper, and even ladders which were left alongside where the path of travel is located. If you see something like before opening your garage door, then use a broom handle to gently nudge it aside without damaging the door or yourself in the process.

The garage door opens but won’t come back down If your garage is equipped with an automatic retractable cord on the inside, then this might be the cause of your problem. Inspect to see if there’s any break in it and if necessary, replace with a new one then test out the operation again. If you don’t have one or even if you do, another likely reason why it can’t go all the way up is because of foreign objects along its path of travel (see above).

The door goes up but then immediately falls back down

When your garage door is supposed to go down, but then immediately changes its mind and decides to remain open instead, this usually means that something has obstructed your path of travel. The most typical examples are ladders or toys which have been left alongside one of its sides. If you see something like before attempting to close your garage door, then use a broom handle or other similar tool to carefully push it out of the way so that the door doesn’t get damaged.

If your garage door was already closed, then you might have a broken spring or rollers that may need to be replaced. However, if the door opened normally but simply refuses to close without anything obstructing it, then this likely means that the safety sensors are not working properly. These should reset themselves automatically after a minute or so, so just remain in front of the door and wait for this to happen before closing it again. The sensor lights should turn off one by one at 15-second intervals, indicating that everything is quickly getting back up and running again. This type of problem can nevertheless indicate more serious issues with your system which will need professional attention.

The motor makes a loud noise when trying to open or close

One sign which indicates you need a professional garage door repair service to take a look at your garage is if you notice that it makes a lot of noise when you attempt to open or close it. This often happens due to looseness in the rail system which holds the track on which the door travels up and down throughout its operation. As someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about fixing this type of problem, then you should leave it up to an expert as soon as possible so they can inspect what’s wrong with it and determine how serious the issue is.

If you see any of these signs happening over time, then there’s a chance that your automatic garage door needs repairs. You don’t want to ignore these problems because they could get worse over time, so be sure to contact your local garage door repair service as soon as possible.